Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TOOL # 2 Professional Learning Networks

Today I began developing my PLN. I set up a reader so I can monitor a site I thought was interesting. I enjoyed reading on two science and two technology sites. I posted on two sites. It wan't difficult to post and I didn't feel any different posting than speaking with my peers. It just seems so impersonal. Call me old fashioned but I really like to see the entire response to what I am saying and not just a written one. I guess I am more of a visual learner. I equate it to thank-you notes: while the proper etiquette is to always write one; I prefer seeing the look of surprise or OMG when they receive my gift. I learn more that way.


  1. Keep looking for other blogs that you might be interested in following. You may find that you are more comfortable after responding or posting to others' blogs or responses.

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    1. There are a lot of ideas just at Woodview. If you mess up, delete and post again. Believe me there are plenty of double deleted entries from me! Be fearless! Perseverance and courage are needed. Never give up and never surrender!

      PS See! I had to remove the previous comment.

  3. Mrs. Rennick, the only place that I really ever comment on is Facebook and even then, it's only when i feel like it. I feel that being on Blogger is really going to help me in the sense that I am on here for one reason; to check out other's ideas and see what works for me and what doesn't. In return, I will post feedback that might help someone else out!