Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TOOL # 11 Self-Assessing and Reflecting

11 Tools
1. The amount of tools presented was over-whelming yet exciting.  I did like the Prezi and Today's Meet. I think both of these tools would be a great way for students to respond in science before, during, or after a lab or discussion. I also liked the possibilities of Edmodo, BigHugeLabs, Glogster, Mangahigh, and TenMark.  In each new cite, I could see the opportunities for use in the classroom.  However it will be my job to wade through all these options and find the one that best fits the objective I want my students to master. The idea will be to start small and grow.

2. I have used technology for years when it was available and appropriate.  I have always found it fun, engaging, and challenging.  Eleven Tools has introduced me to a large variety of idea and options to use in my classroom. the addition of these devices will allow me to use technology on a more consistent basis.  Lesson planning will definitely change with the addition of technology into my available tools. Daily plans will soon embed some form of technology into each and every part of a lesson whether it be a beginning set, knowledge acquisition, assessment and reteaching or extending.  As our world continues to increase its use of technology, I will have to learn to implement new ideas using technology to continue to meet the needs of my students as they prepare for their futures. Along with planning for technology, I must also consider the physical aspects of my classroom. Will individual desks still be important? how can I facilitate the use of technology without it seeming to be a small group at desks?  Another consideration will be time. How can I best allow for this type of dynamic learning?

3. The most unexpected outcome for me was the vast amount of technology out there for use in the classroom.  I appreciated that someone had narrowed the field for this assignment. As I completed each tool I was grateful to see that I was familiar with some but I also realized how much I had to learn!


  1. How true! We always have new things to learn. The tools helped me realize that life-long learning is really never ending!

  2. Congratulations on completing the tools! I know you will be successful using them in your classroom.