Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool # 8 TOOLS

Tool 8 was very informative.  I learned how to set up a new I-tunes account and then how to set the settings so that only the apps I wanted to sync went to the student computers.  I appreciated the classroom webpage  and finding Apps information.  Atomic learning is amazing.  These are great tutorials for all.

Classroom management of computers is essential if you want to avoid wasted time and energy trying to figure out what's wrong with a computer.  Foremost is teaching complete respect for the computer itself and that it is part of a learning community not a personal belonging.  Since some students are more capable than others with the computers so they might tend to make setting changes that confuse others. While making changes, for instance making the screen larger by removing tool bars, isn't unacceptable, each person needs to undo all changes before shutting down.  Community rules should be established and the students themselves should monitor each other.  I have found it helpful to have computer captains in each group.  I also assign a specific computer to each student.  Having a sign out sheet might also work.  I also have computer custodians that check to make sure all computers are in their places, shut down and charging at the end of each day.  If a student has a problem with a computer they are asked to write the problem on a sticky note, along with the computer name/number, and put it on top of the computer.  The custodian brings these notes to meet at the end of the day.

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