Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TOOL # 9 Classroom-Based Devices

11 Tools

  • The learning objective should always drive instruction and practice.  Incorporating technology into our lessons should be with the intent to evaluate an objective. Therefore, when using the technology in a work station the students must complete some kind of meaningful activity, product, or reflection as evidence of learning. 
  • We have to be sure the work is meaningful and not considered play or free time. Rubrics and blogs can be useful in quick evaluations of learning. Students should consider work station time important and relevant to their learning.   Independent work now comes in many different forms.  Work stations involving  technology should be planned with the same rigor and relevance as traditional assignments; therefore, accountability is imperative. Students should be very aware of expectations before the assignment.
  •  I found several interactive websites that would be great to use in a math or science center/workstation.  PhET appears to be a good site for science interaction.  I would have to investigate it further before using it as a work station.  It also has possibilities for instructional use. Storyladder would be a good station for science vocabulary words.  Mangahigh and Ten Marks are both good options for math because they are state correlated, but teachers will still need to review to be sure the objectives match. I also like both of these sites because of the good student and teacher feedback.  
  • The Idea Sketch app for creating a concept map was great.  We do a lot of notetaking/concept maps in science and using this app would be really useful and engaging as well as fun. I also found the app, A Factor Tree.  This was great for reviewing finding the LCM and GCF in fractions.  Ecosystems was another app I found could be used during our Organisms and Their Environments units.
  • If a product is not the outcome then using some kind of checklist/rubric/blog for students as they complete activities would be a great way to keep them responsible for their own work at each station. 
  • Another way to use the Ipads would be to video projects or reports and then present to the class.

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